Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hydroponic Fodder System By Chennai Hydroponics

Using Hydroponic NFT growing techniques, Chennai Hydroponics Fodder System sprouts grain to lush, harvestable grass, uniquely nutritious feed for livestock in just eight days.
• completely scalable structure
• 50 % reduction in feed cost.
• 70 % reduction in carbon foot print
• 99 % reduction in land usage
• 98 % reduction in water usage

100 Kg per day installation at Krishnagari in Tamilnadu for a Goat and dairy farm.

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Monday, 16 January 2017

Fogponics Aeroponics System

                                          Fogponics Aeroponics System

Fogponics is a form of aeroponics, sometimes called the next phase in aeroponic.This system is used for growing plants without soil.Fogponics is a hydroponic system that suspends plant roots in air and supplies them with nutrients via water droplets as vapor. Electric foggers, or mist makers floating in hydroponic nutrient solution ,vibrates at 2 MHz ,transforming water and added nutrients into 100% humidity (fog), thus continually watering and feeding a plant’s roots in a nutrient-rich cloud of mist.Fogponics delivers an ideal mix of water, nutrients and oxygen to grow to their full potential.Plants absorb elements most efficiently in the range of about 1-25 micrometers (┬Ám).

The results of growing this way are impressive.Can expect greater yields while using less energy and space.You also have complete control over your plants.This system actually uses about 90% less water than soil gardening. You will have a system that will make you the envy of traditional growers.

The Kit Contains:

Set up notes.
Bucket with lid.
Fogger unit.
Float for the fogger.
3 Net pots with Hydroponic Medium.
Hydroponic Nutrient for 100 liter make up.

Enjoy your food grown in your home with this hi-tech awesome Fogponics system!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Air Bucket Pro


                      Air Bucket ProRooftop/Commerical, Systems

Taking your production levels a step higher, our Air Bucket Pro is streamlined to deliver.The Air Bucket Pro makes maximum use of Deep Water Culture (DWC), a simple yet effective hydroponics system that works by suspending the plants’ roots directly into a highly oxygenated nutrient solution – considered by some the ‘purest form of Hydroponics’.

With inter-connectivity, 20 or more can be operated using a single module – maximum produce, minimum fuss.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Darwin Penta Hydroponic System for Window-Sill



One of our starter kits for those new to Hydroponics –  Penta is perfect for your home!

It showcases our ergonomic design, uses simple technology and is very easy to maintain and like all our systems, is designed with care, attention to detail and with you, our user, in mind.

Perfect for science experiment and school projects. Air pump provides dissolved oxygen to the plants below the plant which increase plant growth faster.  Plants can grow faster and larger in this Hydroponic system compared with soil grown plants.

You can grow 5 small leafy greens (Basil, Mint, Spinach, Coriander, etc.) right from the comfort of your homes. The kit includes 5x3in Net Pots, LECA, Air Pump, Valve Tube, Air Stone Tube and Nutrient Solution.